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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Jan 30, 2018

Derek Hoffman is a successful businessman. He is one of those entrepreneurs who sees a need, knows the audience, and finds a way to solve the problems of that audience.

But he didn't start out like that. Part of the reason he's so resourceful, and so good at solving problems, is that his childhood was spent solving the problem of survival. This story isn't so unusual, the rags to riches idea behind it, anyway. What makes this story unusual is his moment of inspiration to change his path.

We all know that sometimes it just takes one person to inspire us to do something completely different, or out of our comfort zone. But do we know when that happens to us at that moment? Or is it something we can look back at, years later, to see it in a different light?

The next part of the story for you, and for Derek, is to choose to live that light for others. To make an effort to be that one person to as many people as possible, without ever knowing whether you were successful. For every choice you make to help someone, that instant decision to walk someone across a busy street, to order an extra sandwich for the homeless person outside, or to take real time to visit with a child, you could be that external force that changes a life.