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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Mar 27, 2018

Sometimes our biggest models in behavior are the worst ones, and if we are paying attention and can stop the patterns in our lives, we can learn who we don't want in be.

How many times have you spoken to a child and thought "oh shit! That was my mother's voice! I swore I'd never say THAT."? You make a decision, then and...

Mar 20, 2018

Nicole Herbig and her Reborn partner are acutely aware of the different world they're experiencing as a result of growing up not only as digital natives, but at the cusp of another industrial revolution.

Her story isn't unique in that many young people have experience with mental health issues in their families. But her...

Mar 13, 2018

Arminda Lindsay is a force. She's a force of integrity, love, and inner strength. That's because she knows who she is, what drives her, and that she does Arminda better than anyone else could.

She wasn't always this way. Her life isn't all roses and sunshine; it took her a long time to come to the point of trusting...

Mar 6, 2018

In this week’s podcast, I share a few dreams I have, both asleep and awake.

You’ll notice the link between my sleeping dream-stories and my waking stories, and how I interpret what those stories tell me about my own thoughts, otherwise not so transparent to me. Interpreting sleeping dreams are just one of many ways...