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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Sep 1, 2019

Until very recently, women working in traditionally male roles like ranching and agriculture had to either wear clothes for men that simply didn’t fit, or women’s clothes they knew wouldn’t last or protect them properly.

Sarah Calhoun saw a need in the market and found a way to fill it. Her story begins with her childhood, growing up on a llama farm with her sister, and works its way across the country with direct sales out of an Airstream RV.

Red Ants Pants was born of necessity and raised by working women across the country. And not just any working women: Women who work in rural America on ranches and farms, and who never had clothes made to fit them that would protect their skin when working in tough environments.

I was intrigued about her background and motivation after a friend shared her website with me, a page in the Red Ants Pants Foundation about a girl’s leadership program. We talked about why she started this program for young women heading into their junior year of high school in rural Montana. And I heard some great stories about starting a business with almost zero preparation.

Check out the Red Ants Pants website, the Foundation website, and don’t miss the one devoted to building women leaders in rural America.