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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Jun 18, 2019

I met Thom Boehm on LinkedIn shortly after he published his first blog on that platform. I was immediately intrigued by his writing; direct, thoughtful, insightful, and relevant.

During our conversation, I mentioned a post that Thom published a few years ago about needles from one of his knitting machines that got lost in the cracks of the hardwood floor beneath them. We spoke about how Lost in the Cracks was an insightful metaphor for people and things that seem to disappear because we don’t see an immediate use or purpose for them, but when we take time to look in those cracks in life, we find great purpose for those people and things that have been lost.

What caught my attention from the beginning is Thom’s genuine ability to find joy and value in whatever he is doing. He understands his motivation and needs with clarity few people seem to possess. He knows himself well enough to know that his work environment is as important - if not MORE important - than the work he is doing.

Thom’s description of his workplace is filled with a true passion for the building itself, the hardwood floors, the windows, even the ceiling beams. He speaks of the knitting machines he maintains with reverence, giving them personality and character, almost like a cherished family pet.

If more of us were present, grateful, and inspired by the details around us, perhaps our world would simply be a more kind and joyful place.