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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

May 8, 2018

Suzanne Spaner and I have a few things in common, but the one I enjoy chatting with her the most about is our event planning and hospitality experience. You see, anyone who has ever worked in that industry, including restaurants, is guaranteed to have great stories to share.

It occurred to me that at some point in their lives, nearly every person is tasked with planning an event of some kind. It could be a child's birthday party, a wedding, a meeting, a conference, or even a basic dinner party, but all events have one thing in common - guests.

That's why I asked Suzanne to chat with me about how we apply storytelling to event planning, and she certainly didn't disappoint.

We agreed that one of the most important parts of planning an event is to consider how we want our guests to leave; what do we want them to talk about, remember, and feel when they leave, and weeks, months, or years later?

When we answer those questions, the event begins to take shape, priorities emerge, and creativity can take its place, front and center.

I hope that when you listen to this conversation, you'll consider some of these strategies when planning your next event, no matter it is.

Suzanne Spaner is the Founder of Meeting Matchmakers, a one-stop-shop, no-fee service that helps corporations, organizations, and families find, negotiate, and book group events (10 or more overnight rooms) at hotels worldwide. Visit her website and connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more!